Fitness is more than working out, losing fat, building muscle or toning your body. At Eevogo, fitness is about pushing forward, raising the bar and continuing to evolve. We believe that fitness is a way of life and also a way to transform it. What’s more, with personal mentoring and private studio concept of Eevogo, you will have the right motivation, focus and guidance to rise at the top of your fitness and in turn, at the peak of your health and happiness.


Eevogo is a personal training studio dedicated to help you achieve your fitness goals with assured results. Unlike other fitness studios and gyms, it is a private studio where expert fitness trainer will provide 1:1 training and at max only 2 clients will be admitted at a time. Thus at Eevogo you will relish your personal space and feel like working out in –

Your Own Fitness Room

Private Studio (2) (2)
Private Studio

The studio space is allocated to you for your dedicated time.

Dedicated Training (1) (1)
Dedicated Training

Dedicated training by fitness trainer during workout hours, 6 days a week.

Right Ambience (1) (1)
Right Ambience

Designed with an ambiance that inspires you to bring out your best.

Team Effort (1)
Team Effort

Fitness trainer and dietician will work with you as a team to achieve fitness goals.

Joy of working out
Joy of working out

Motivated and friendly team who will ensure you enjoy pursuing your fitness goals.

Personalized Plan (2)
Personalized Plan

Workout and diet plan designed by experts to suit your body type and needs.


All our equipments are top-notch and of high quality, be it for strength, cross fit, or flexibility, in order to assure highest efficiency and safety.

We have an experienced and supportive team of certified fitness trainer and consultant dietician who will navigate you through your fitness journey with right techniques, tips and motivation. The team will work with the mindset of making you fall in love with your fitness regimen.

1--1 Session (1)
1 : 1 Session

Evolve your fitness with the guidance & support of expert fitness trainer.

Only-10-to-12-slots (1) (1)
Only 10 to 12 slots

Eevogo is an exclusive studio where we will only book 10 to 12 slots of 45 to 60 minutes a day.

Review & Rectification (1)
Review & Rectification

Regular follow-ups and monthly review meeting and rectification.

Guaranteed Results
Guaranteed Results

We will help you achieve effective results with 100% satisfaction.

Fitness with Safety
Fitness with Safety

Equipments are sanitized after every session and all covid appropriate protocols are maintained.


Access is monitored with thorough surveillance for your security.

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Whatever is your idea of getting fit, Eevogo will help you get there. We will determine your fitness goal and based on it develop a personalized workout and diet regimen in consultation with fitness trainer and dietician. We will also factor in your personal needs like medical condition, metabolism and lifestyle while creating your personalized plan. Every month our team will review your progress and suggest any rectifications if required. Helping our clients achieve their fitness goals with 100% satisfaction is the corner stone of our creed.

  • Healthy Weight Gain
  • Weight Loss/Fat Loss
  • Body Building
  • Strength Training
  • Flexibility Training
  • Cross Training
  • Core Strengths
  • Diet Counselling

Fitness is more than working out, losing fat, building muscle or toning your body. At Eevogo, fitness is about pushing forward, raising the bar and continuing to evolve.


114, FF, Yash Arian,
Swami Vivekanand Cross Road,
New Gurukul, Ahmedabad – 380 052.